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Numerous ICOS are being launched everyday with the enormous rise in demand for the same. But, the question at hand is, how many of them are successful? Not many ICOs end up in success. However, it does not mean that the ICO market is failing; it is just evolving. Every successful project has a set of strategies at work behind. A good ICO marketing strategy shall help you move in the right direction. It is a clever idea to hire an ICO marketing company if you run short of ideas.

ICO marketing company
ICO marketing company

Strategies for better ICO marketing

Any ICO marketing company follows a set of tactics as a part of its ICO marketing strategy. The top 5 knack to market an ICO are as follows.

ICO listing

White listing your ICO will possibly take it to potential investors. More attention will drive more investors to an ICO. Most of the investors have a keen eye for ICOs that appear in exclusive ICO calendars. Placing your ICO in such calendars will certainly bring in the right traffic. You need to include few particulars to submit your ICO.

  • Name of the project
  • Token credentials
  • Project description
  • Name of the ICO website
  • Your position
  • Contact information

Social shares

Creating a website for the ICO startup and promoting it on the social media channels is another top gear strategy. The social media portals draw a huge organic traffic every day. Promotional ICO pages here will shout out for you to millions. Try out LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Ouora , and Reddit


There are extensive global communities, boards and forums for crypto investors. Dropping in these platforms will fetch publicity to your ICO. For instance, bitcointalk.org is one of the top forums of discussion.

Air drop

Air drop is a marketing tactic where you distribute tokens in order to boost your ICO. The air drops comprise of two parts such as addresses to send the tokens and the number of tokens to be sent.

Link Building

In here, you build a chain of links that direct the visitors from the other sites to your ICO website. The do- follow link placements will help you boost the domain authority of your site. On the other hand, the no- follow link attributes only drive traffic from other sites to yours.

5 attractive ICO marketing company Strategies to enhance Reach

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